Free Web Proxy For Gmail

Free Web Proxy For Gmail

Jan 31

If your school/work blocks access to certain websites, you can hop through a proxy to get to the unreachable site. I came accross one,, that allows you to log in to myspace, gmail, and a variety of other websites for free. Most free proxies block “form post”, but this one does not. Also try or

Our own Jeff Wu .net Proxy ( is down at the moment because it was taking up way too much of our server’s cpu. When I get funds for a better server I’ll put it back up.


  1. praz

    Nothing works…wast of time..

  2. sanju

    oops…nothing is working…..can anyone give me proxy to open gmail???

  3. Brij

    but I have to say that your tricks were not worked.
    Please tell me how to opn the block sites

  4. Its not working our firewell team has block. Pls help.

  5. b

    wow this is hilarious

  6. nothing works,can anyone give me proxy to open gmail???

  7. help me guys……

    thnks in advance

  8. My website does work for accessing gmail

  9. I don’t usually post on blogs but I found yours interesting. Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed reading here.

  10. Andre

    a good list of proxy servers

  11. Thanks for the articles. I have learned a lot reading your site.

  12. thanks for giving the site

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  15. these proxies ahve already been found and are blocked Just thought id tell you that but .info sites seem to be working fine just go to google and type in proxies of the day and you will find some

  16. Sithara

    try this
    thru this v can access gmail n facebook

  17. I seriously can’t believe it. I pray Rooney is not injured for the cup!

  18. Failure

    this is a failure…nothing works at all

  19. Great post. I’ll definately bookmark you. Cheers

  20. sameer


    I want to unblocke my mail on

  21. Sabarish…check this link…..njoy

  22. mr.ots

    Worked for me^^
    could access gmail from work

    81 previous comments must be really dumb (no doubt regarding the comments >< )

  23. And what if they block proxy sites too? :-)

  24. Your Blog is so smooth, I love the flow.

  25. Its is really good and stylish websites

  26. Derek

    I have tertiary syphilis.

  27. Omiee

    Hii ….Friends..!!

    jst try with this given below url should be work :

    url :
    and provide ur bloked website and check…

    best of Luck friends

    Your friend,


  28. yup was the proxy at work not being nice to android sdk…. awesome.. NOT

  29. mysterious hand

    works, but within 1st 5 seconds i got a pop up and firefox was unable to block it

  30. mysterious hand

    does anyone know a proxy that enables flash and java driven games, all the ones i know just turn the game screen black

  31. In my company i try all avaliable proxyes but unable to access gamil in office please help me

  32. Can Any one tell me how can i access any email access in office

  33. I am rohtash
    my mob.+919050624484
    In my company i try all avaliable proxyes but unable to access gamil in office please help me BSNL PALWAL

  34. Mohan

    I’m trying to access gmail in my office from a long time. Tried different proxy servers but no joy. I need gmail for my official purpose only which helps me make my work more simpler & quick . . .
    Is there anything you can do to help me making my work more simpler & quicker

  35. altin

    Hi my commpany blocket gmail

  36. altin

    Hi there

  37. connect to

  38. connect to gmail

  39. Karolo

    Most proxies are blocked if you are using a company or university network. After much research I found that you need a VPN service that uses “generic” ports. Right now I`m using this .Its also virus free with good downloading speed.

  40. suraj

    If you are unable to access gmail in your office after using a proxy, I suggest you VPN services. These services are paid but cheap. This is permanent fix of a blocked site. If this is new for you then i suggest you This is a good one VPN service.

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  42. Good post. I’m going through a few of these issues as well..

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