iPhone 4GB and 8GB, Coming in January?

iPhone 4GB and 8GB, Coming in January?

Dec 05

In the latest episode of Diggnation, Kevin Rose claims to know some details about the Apple phone from a “solid” source.

According to Rose, little bit of inside info on the Apple phone:

– Going to be coming out in January
– All phone providers
– “It’s small as sh*t”
– Doing some unique things
– Don’t know anything about the Operating System
– The OS is supposed to be “cool”
– Two batteries, one charger. One for MP3 portion and one for Phone.
– 4GB ($249) and 8GB ($449)
– Flash memory, Slide out keyboard
– Maybe touch screen?

Kevin Rose was co-host of The Screen Savers on Tech TV and later started Digg.com. Last year, he offered last minute rumors prior to Macworld San Francisco which turned out to be accurate. He also predicted the iPod nano.

News Source: MacRumours

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